Friday, June 14, 2019

More road trip teas from Teavana

I've been in Texas all week with my sister, and as we were arriving on Sunday, just outside of Fort Worth, we stopped at the convenience store to top all convenience stores, the incredible Buc-ee's.

I wondered whether they would have some more of those delicious Teavana teas like I got on my last road trip, and boy, did they — any flavor I could have wanted!

I had good luck with the unsweetened green tea I got on my last road trip, so this time, I got the Peach Nectarine Green Tea. Only, when we got to the car, I realized I had just purchased *sparkling* green tea! It was quite delicious, and although it wasn't exactly what I thought I was getting (because it was, frankly, even better), I was pleased. I sure wish I had a Buc-ee's near me so that I could try all the Teavana teas on their display! (And coming next week: a few places where I unexpectedly found tea in Texas.)


  1. Sparkling green tea...sounds interesting! I'm glad to know it was good, just in case I ever see any of these.

  2. Angela,
    Welcome to Texas! So glad you are enjoying some of our fabulous sites, including
    Buc-ee's. It is definitely 'one-of-a-kind' and a favorite place to stop when travelling.
    Janet P.

  3. That sure looks like an interesting convenience store!

  4. Sparkling green tea sounds good. You find the neatest things.

  5. This actually sounds so delicious!


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