Friday, September 14, 2018

For the love of linens and lace

A few months ago, I had an idea for yet another cozy mystery, so yes, I'm in the midst of writing my third while I'm still editing numbers one and two. And while I'm in various stages of edits with the two other 75,000-word books, I got so excited about the next book that I started working on it right after Labor Day.

The new book is about a woman who restores old lace and linens. I've never really thought of myself as consciously "collecting" lace and linens, but as I looked back over the years of this blog, I can see that lace and vintage linens have indeed shown up here a time or two. I'm pretty sure most of you have a thing for lace and linens as well.

So I've got a question for you. What's the favorite lace or linen item that you own? I'm looking for inspiration for some of the characters who will be consulting with my main character in the books ahead, and I'm curious what others would name as their favorite lace or linen item. (Mine is a vintage crocheted lace tablecloth I received as a wedding gift.) Do you have something you'd like to have repaired? I'd love to hear your stories!


  1. I love Linens and Lace; and I do collect them. Of course, items that have been hand stitched ~ hand made and given to me as a gift are my favorites; but I have always had a love for Battenburg Lace! What an interesting topic for your book.

    1. Thanks for the reply! That lace would be a fun one to research, plus the name would work well in a title!

  2. Hmmm, it's hard to pick a favorite. I do have a couple of pieces with tatting that my paternal great-grandmother made, and some pillows I made for my mother featuring crochet placemats that her mother made. And a box of handkerchiefs that a sweet friend at church gave me before she died. I'm looking forward to this book.

  3. Angela,
    So many lovely items to choose from. However, my favorites are pillowcases given to us as wedding gifts. Embellished with cross-stich designs and crocheted lace along the edges, they were made by my husband's mother and maternal grandmother.

    Janet P.

  4. My favorite vintage piece is a crocheted bedspread by my late husband's grandmother. It's an ecru color and when I lay it on top of a sheet of the same color, it looks like a beautiful wedding cake with all the intricate details.

    My favorite story about a vintage piece is when I was working for an antique dealer. I got a call from a lady who was wanting to sell a large "crocheted" tablecloth. I told the dealer about the call and he didn't seem too interested, but took the phone number anyway. It turned out to be a hand tatted banquet sized tablecloth! If I remember correctly, I'm pretty sure he bought it.

    I have done a few small repairs on antique laces and linens, but I have done many restorations on antique quilts.

  5. How very fun. I have a collection of 1930-40's tablecloths that I love. I had a discussion with someone this summer about removing stains from linens; so it could involved that. Then I attended a huge antique show this summer and there were tables piled high with all sorts of linens and quilts. It was fun to watch people digging through the piles to find a treasure. I found a crochet tablecloth that was very stained and has a little damage. The damage is easy to hand stitch, but wasn't sure the stains would come out. I soaked it in Oxyclean, then sprayed the spots, gentle wash, then laid it on my lawn in the sun to dry. It came out beautifully and I now use it on top of my bed as another layer to my bedspread. I love it every day.

  6. My favorite is a piece of Pag lace that we bought when we were in Croatia on vacation.
    See info here:

  7. An ivory or white each visitor signs and then their names are lovingly stitched to remember them forever! Donna z

  8. I have a linen fingertip towel that came from a great great aunt. I use it in spring and it makes me smile knowing someone made this year’s ago.


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