Monday, March 26, 2018

Decorating for Easter

I love the Easter season! We had a great Palm Sunday service at church yesterday (one of the little rug rats poked me with his palm frond as he made his triumphal entry into the children's wing), and when I got home, I realized I needed to hop to it if I was going to bring Easter to my tea trolley!

It's the time of year I usually first pull out my Royal Winton Welbeck chintzware. This year, I decided the teapot would be "pouring pearls" for a while.

Do any of you remember when the JoAnn stores carried "chintzware" fabric some years ago? My late mother made these napkins for me to go with my Welbeck pieces, and I would let go of my chintzware itself before I would part with these napkins. And I will always be grateful that after my mom passed away, her first birthday happened to fall on Easter or "Resurrection Sunday," as we say. It is one of the Lord's many mercies to me that the calendar fell the way it did in 2014!

A new addition to my collection of yellow linens this year is this lovely mug mat made for me by my pen pal, Sandy, in New York. I'd been using it in my office at my desk, but then I realized it needed to have a starring role on the tea trolley for a few weeks.

The piece with the Easter chicks spelling out "Easter" at the front of the cart was a recent T.J. Maxx find. I'm quite amused at them, because if you look closely, they all have different expressions. The one at left looks mischievous, and the one at right looks like she's dreaming of her next selfie.

This frame was a gift from my friend Susan, and I thought it was perfect for displaying a vintage Easter postcard of chicks spilling out of a teapot. "EASTER Joys be yours" indeed!

Another touch of yellow comes from a tin I saved after ordering the Harney & Sons Royal Wedding Tea years ago. (Do you suppose we can look for another wedding blend in honor of the wedding of Prince Harry and Ms. Markle?)

So that's this year's speed-decorating of the tea cart. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you all have a wonderful Holy Week!


  1. Happy Easter Angela! I have a tea set in the Welbeck pattern too! I love it's cheery colors that always reminds me of spring.

  2. Your tea cart looks lovely, quite ready for spring and Easter! Those napkins are the most special part, I think. Enjoy this Holy Week and wonderful Resurrection Day!

  3. H&S's Royal Wedding tea is one of my all-time favorites of theirs! Beautiful set-up - Happy Easter! :)

  4. Love that Welbeck pattern! I have just a few pieces (the same big platter that you show and 4 of the salad plates you have as well) that I scored at T.J. Maxx years ago. I covet your teapot! Lol. It certainly is the perfect chintzware for Easter.
    Carol in SoCal

  5. I bought that same chintzware fabric and made napkins with it to use with my Blue Willow. I always wanted that Welbeck teaset when it was featured in Victoria magazine. Your teacart display is really cute! Easter seems like it's kind of a strange date this year and I just now finished decorating for it. Have a happy Easter!
    Susan K.

  6. Your Easter tea cart display is very cute and Spring-like! I particularly like those chicks in the egg shells spelling out EASTER. That's a sweet story about your mom making the chintz-pattern napkins for you, and her birthday falling on Easter in 2014. Sometimes my birthday has been on Easter--this year it's on Good Friday. Happy Easter to everybody!--from Vernona in DC

  7. Your Easter scene is very pretty.

  8. You've decorated for the Easter season beautifully, Angela!

    Blessings be yours this most Holiest of Holy Days!

    Hugs and love. ♥

  9. Love all your yellow! Your teapot is lovely. I found adorable bunny plates at TJ Max a few weeks ago, they were waiting for me and I bought them all! I set the table with them with two special yellow teacups, so cheerful.

    What wonderful memories of your mother, so nice to have the napkins she made.

    Have a blessed Easter week!

  10. The Welbeck teapot is always a favorite of mine. How lovely that your mom made matching napkins. I love that little picture frame. Now I am wondering where your friend found it as it is perfect for showing off vintage postcards and I could keep it busy all year long.

  11. Oh - How I love your tea cart! Angela, I do believe your moving a little bit toward Shabby Chic! I love it. Your teapot is stunning and looks so cute there with all your decorations!

  12. Beautiful!!! I absolutely love seeing your tea cart arrangements. If I had a tea cart I could almost mimic yours as I have some of the Welbeck pieces, the fabric from which your napkins are made, the Royal Wedding tea tin, and just bought the little chicks piece at Marshall's. It reminded me of a card or vintage drawing that I've seen somewhere. I just couldn't resist it. Thanks so much for sharing!


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