Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Sampling Exquisite BOH Teas

Recently I learned of a new name in teas, BOH Teas from Malaysia. They sent me this lovely gift set to sample, and I was immediately impressed by the classy looking packaging!

Inside the package is an insert describing the six varieties of tea bags inside. This week, I sampled the first row of teas, which included, top from left, the BOH Cameronian Gold Blend, Seri Songket Lime Ginger, and Seri Songket Lemon Mandarin.

It would be hard to name a favorite of the three because they were all excellent! The BOH Cameronian Gold Blend had a rich, fresh taste, with that almost woodsy quality I have rarely found in a tea bag. And Lime Ginger teas are usually a disappointment because the lime is usually overshadowed by the ginger, but not with this tea! I got a great lime taste with a little zip from the ginger. The Lemon Mandarin tea was a delightfully citrusy treat, tasty as well as soothing for a throat that's been feeling the ravages of fall allergy season. You can find out more about these teas here, and now through December 31, 2017, you can use the code TFRIENDS (how cool!) to get 10 percent off your order of these and other BOH products on I think this gift set is quite attractively priced already, and with 10 percent off, it's even more appealing! So thank you to BOH Tea for the samples and for the nice discount for all my tea friends!


  1. Ooh, that lime/ginger sounds like something I'd love! I'll be checking these out for sure, thank you. (My daughter was in Maylaysia last year, if she ever goes back I'll have her bring me some from the source!)

  2. Sounds lovely. The presentation is pretty too

  3. Not sure I have heard of BOH, but they sound good.


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