Wednesday, October 25, 2017

"Mrs. Corey pours tea for a visiting colonel"

The Library of Congress seems to have digitized a heap of new American Red Cross photos, and this one from September of 1918 is so charming!

Here's what the site says about the photo: "Mrs. Corey's A.R.C. Officers Convalescent Home No. 8, Chateau de Villequeis, Verrieres de Buisson. (S.E.O.) Afternoon tea on the terrace. Mrs. Corey pours tea for a visiting colonel. The daily Bridge game at Chateau Villegenis. Mrs. Corey and some of the officers. Chateau Villegenie or as it is known now AMERICAN RED CROSS Officers Convalescent Home No. 8, was given to the Red Cross by Mrs. Corey for the duration of the war. It has accommodation for 60 officers and with its beautiful building and spacious grounds makes an ideal convalescent home. It is situated at Verrieres only 18 Km. from Paris."

You can find the image online here if you'd like to bookmark it or enlarge it!


  1. Very interesting picture and description. People helping people!

  2. That's a great photo--and I love the greyhound in the foreground!
    --from Vernona in DC


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