Monday, September 18, 2017

Some delightful and dainty new finds

My weekend visits to T.J. Maxx and Marshalls didn't turn up any good teawares, but the Douglasville Goodwill store produced two of the most charming (and thrifty) pieces I've found in a while!

First, I spotted this adorable little lacy bowl on the Christmas aisle, but when I saw how delicate it was, I just knew it had to be plastic. Nothing that fragile could have survived on the shelf at Goodwill, could it?

It was marked on the back "Iris 1922 Fine Porcelain Cluj-Napoca." So yes, porcelain! (And for $1.91!)

I ran my fingers around the edges about a hundred times, but I couldn't find one flaw or one break in the lines of this piece. Amazing! (And check out a similar piece that sold on eBay a few years ago. Wow! If anyone wants mine for $163, I'll bet we can make a deal.)

That would have made me happy enough, but then I found this! Many of you know that I collect Santa mugs and sip my tea out of them over Christmas, and I generally forego the snowman mugs (that would be a whole 'nuther collection), but something about this one caught my eye. This little fellow's expression looked so familiar, and when I turned it over, I found …

It is a mug of a snowman character from one of Jan Karon's beloved Mitford books! I came to those books late, long after everyone else had been reading them, and didn't learn about these collectibles until it was too late to buy them. Today, I will certainly scoop up any thrift store goodies I ever come across that are related to the Mitford books, which I read over and over again because they're an absolute pleasure to read and incredibly uplifting. So it was definitely a good day at Goodwill. Have you found any fun thrifted treasures lately?


  1. Great finds, Angela! I haven't been out looking for treasures so haven't found anything lately.

  2. I love both your finds, and the prices were certainly right! I haven't done any thrifting lately but you inspire me.

  3. My best thrifting finds have been found at the Salvation Army store this year. There were 3 sets of mixed Franciscan Desert Rose pieces marked $9.99. I took 2 of them up to the register and the lady said it was $9.99 for all 3 sets! Ran back over and got the third one! It was a total of 15 pieces!

    And I found a Beatrix Potter teapot there for $6 another time. Love the thrill of "the hunt"!

  4. You are the luckiest! I want to shop with you! I did find a Shelley teacup for $5 at an estate sale once.

  5. GoodWill has a bad rep in my part of Canada. It's just too expensive.

    I love seeing your American prices. But that mug would have been $4.99 or higher here.

    I go in with a mental game of what can I find for under $4. I mean single glasses start at $1.

  6. Cluj Napoca is a city in Romania(I know someone from there) so your lovely dish must be Romanian china!! And, I LOVE the Mitford snowmen!!! I have a bunch of them that are Christmas ornaments!!
    Goodwill or any thrift store is always a "treasure hunt"...You just never know what kind of "goodies" you're going to find!!!

  7. What fun to hear the story of your thrifting! That is one of my favorite activities as well!!!

  8. That's amazing that you found that lovely piece of "laceware" porcelain from Transylvania at the Goodwill--what fun! It's always an adventure to go to second-hand shops.
    --from Vernona in DC

  9. Very pretty......happy you find the best pieces! Enjoy.

  10. The lace bowl is pretty. I assume it's from Romania.


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