Friday, March 31, 2017

Afternoon tea in the garden … a few years ago

I am quite excited about going to "Tea in a Secret Garden" next week (see previous post), so I was particularly delighted when I made a check of the Library of Congress website to look for new-to-me tea images and spotted this one.

According to the entry at, "Photograph shows two girls having a tea party with their dolls in a garden." The photograph was published circa 1900, and neither the subjects nor the the photographer are identified. Isn't that a charming photo? I like to use random photos as writing class prompts, so I think I'll share this with my star pupil next week and see what she comes up with!


  1. Always enjoy a tea picture - with little ones all the more enjoyable!

  2. What a great picture. When I visit antique shops I am always looking for vintage tea picture, but most often cannot find them. This is a good one.


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