Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Chinese tea and cake party

One of the tea-themed images I recently found on the New York Public Library website was this 1908 postcard titled "A Chinese Tea and cake Party." Do you find it interesting that the tea party attendees are all men? I do. It's not surprising that Chinese men are drinking tea, but it is surprising that this is called a "tea and cake party" and it's attended by men. I think it's highly possible the men wouldn't have labeled their gathering in this way!

I always like to find that one person in a photo who looks like he wishes the photographer would go away, and that's pretty clearly the gentleman at far right.

If you ever have a hankering to look for old tea images like this, by the way, the website is here, and it's well worth browsing!


  1. That's one title that probably didn't translate exactly! I can't see these men calling their gathering a "tea and cake party" - even though that's what it was. Good for them for enjoying tea and cake together.

  2. You are probably right on the heading, but I like to think it was a man that called it "tea and cake party". Back then it was the men that were hanging out in tea/coffee houses and drinking tea, so maybe there was a celebration. Could it have been, hummm? Maybe a birthday party?

  3. This is very interesting. That one man sure looks like he wants to be elsewhere. Wonder if the cake was any good?

  4. The poor man on the right. Bless his heart.

  5. What a great postcard! Agree with your comment about the man on the right: can we say 'if looks could kill?' Joanie


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