Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My experiment in tea blending

I enjoy sampling new teas like the ones Adagio was recently kind enough to send me, and when the tea is a loose tea, I also enjoy simply observing what the tea leaves look like. Can you guess what kind of black tea this is? I'll give you a hint and say the color and bits of fruit are significant.

It's Peach Tea from Adagio, and I greatly enjoyed it! A good peach tea is a perennial favorite with me, and this one was full of the peach flavor I so enjoy.

And what about this tea? Can you guess what type it is? Note the little white bits, because they are pieces of …

Coconut in the Coconut Black Tea! This was an almost creamy tasting tea, which I believe would make this an excellent dessert tea.

Having enjoyed these two samples, I decided I'd pretend to be a tea blender and mix a bit of each for a Peachy Coconut Tea (or maybe a Coconutty Peach Tea?). Aristotle is quoted as having said, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts," but I must tell you that was not true of my blend, because the "whole" blend was a blah-tasting tea in which I enjoyed neither the peach nor the coconut. Guess I'll let the experts at Adagio stick to the tea-blending from now on!


  1. I'm chucking as I read that last paragraph - sounds like something I would do. Enjoy them separately, though! Someone brought a canister of raspberry peach tea (I think it's Republic of Tea) to our church kitchen, and it is DELICIOUS iced. It has become my second favorite tea (at the moment) and I think I'll go brew a glass now!

  2. You win some and lose some but you never know until you try. :-). Glad you can enjoy them separately.


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