Thursday, April 30, 2015

Teatime birdhouse boxes

Over the weekend, I was in Dollar Tree in Carrollton when I walked past the end of an aisle. "Did I just see a teacup on that birdhouse?" I backed up. Yes, yes I did see a teacup on that birdhouse. Actually, these are birdhouse gift boxes, and aren't they cute? The taller one is about 6-1/4 inches tall, the smaller one about 5 inches tall.

"Afternoon tea with the girls," it says. I immediately got one of each size because I'm sure I will need a gift box for a tea lover at some point, and these will be perfect.

Here's a side view. Cute!

The lids slide right off, but once they're in place, they're actually pretty snug. So if you need some cute gift boxes, head thee to Dollar Tree. I firmly believe my tea-loving friends should scoop these up before anyone else gets to them!


  1. Adorable! I need to make a run to Dollar Tree anyway, I'll look for these!

  2. ADORABLE!!!!!

    I need to get over there, these are too neat! Thanks for the heads up, tea sister-friend!

  3. Darling! Dollar Tree here I come, thank you!

  4. I was just at the Dollar Tree this afternoon but I didn't go through the aisle with the gift boxes. I'll have to go back this weekend to look for the adorable birdhouse gift boxes!

  5. Got 'em!!!! They will make such cute favors for a tea party. Thanks for letting us know!

    1. Yay! It makes me so happy to think they might all end up with proper tea-loving folks! ;)

  6. Wow what a great find! I will go there tomorrow....thanks for the tip! Sooooo very cute!

  7. hello Angela, checked out the Dollar Tree in Sharpsburg - no boxes! They sure are cute. I will check out another store, thanks for letting me know. Joanie

  8. These are cute and would look nice at a tea with table gifts inside.

  9. Found them, matching gift bags too!


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