Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tea Room Postcard #38 -- Sweetheart Tea Room (Shelburne Falls, MA)

Lately I've had a bit of a challenge finding *mailed* postcards with messages I wanted to share. Bladder problems? Kidney ailments? Two tea room postcard senders had all the details out there for all the world to see! Now I've thought for years that there's a lot of "oversharing" going on with Facebook, but the vintage postcards I've seen lately have reminded me that whining and complaining is nothing new. I read somewhere recently, though, that people who post negative messages on Facebook reinforce those negative emotions, and people who post positive messages multiply their happiness. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out which is the better method, does it? For that reason, I decided not to buy the quaint postcards whose senders were discussing physical ailments and chose this one instead, an RPPC ("Real Photo Post Card") sent from the Sweetheart Tea Room in Shelburne Falls, Mass. in 1918. Do you suppose this was the entrance to the tea room? Is that a little money box, perhaps, sitting on the table with the vase holding a flower?

The anonymous sender writes to Miss Helen P. Lane of Medford, Mass., "Do you remember this Rose Arbor Tea Room at the end of Board Walk? Received your letter today. Thank you for kind words. Sorry not to see you before you leave for New Bedford. Glad you obtained a desirable position." That "desirable position" makes me think Helen got a teaching job. What do you think?


  1. I agree wholeheartedly about complaining and negative energy.....

    People will ask how I am and some of my favorite replies: "Just peachy!" or
    Very well, thank you, and yourself?" or if I am in a particularly bad way "Well now, it doesn't help complaining, and hearing it will only make things worse for you, so I shan't though I am sorely tempted, haha."

    I have more peachy days than tempted-to-complain days, so why complain, right? : - )

    Wonder what the inside of that tea room looked like?

  2. "Amen", Angela! Happiness is a choice, and life is much more fulfilling from a "half cup full" perspective. Nice tearoom postcard!

  3. Love the name of this tea room. Nancy Carr

  4. Yes, a teaching position would be it. Love that you look for positive messages.

  5. Hi Angela, so agree with you (positive energy is the way to go!) This tea room has a nice look - I wonder where Shelburne Falls, Mass is?

    My parents grew up in Worcester, Mass and though they moved to Florida in 1948, we spent many summer vacations in Boston and New Hampshire. So much to see in Boston, what a great city!
    Hope you have a nice weekend, Joanie

  6. How true! I have noticed that those that post doom and gloom posts seem to do so constantly with no let up. I tend to "hide" their profiles so that I"m not brought down by it.

    I enjoy your blog and this posts in particular ! Thank you!


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