Monday, April 7, 2014

Thrilled to be thrifty!

Because my Aunt Jane loves to visit thrift stores, that's where we often go when I take her shopping. A recent stop by a Goodwill store in Carrollton netted this fabulous array of loot for just $8 and some change! I was thrilled!

Why? For one thing, I found some miniature copper molds I think are just delightful. These are sitting in a silverplate Reed and Barton bowl that someone will be getting for Christmas with cookies inside. The last time I paid several dollars for an ugly piece of plastic on which to present Christmas treats, I swore, never again. Not when thrift stores have so many more charming options for just a dollar or two!

And on the subject of copper molds, I should probably warn you that I've suddenly found myself on a vintage Jell-O recipe kick, so I've started looking for inexpensive copper molds to make gelatin treats as well as frozen fruit salads. I love the thought of frozen salads as teatime treats made in such pretty shapes! Also, I am channeling my inner Betty Crocker and shall soon attempt to make a Tomato Aspic, and this copper ring mold looked just perfect for that. I also liked the small tin plate from Avon with a Plum Pudding recipe printed on it.

The vintage Christmas goodies at Goodwill always catch my eye too, like the Santa mug and Christmas sleigh here.

The Christmas sleigh with spaghetti trim still has the original Napco sticker on bottom. I love that! Do you know the term "spaghetti trim," by the way? I had to learn about that a few years ago when I was on the lookout for a Christmas figurine with this kind of trim, and I believe it was probably eBay where I learned what to call it.

"Spaghetti trim." I marvel that all that "spaghetti" remains intact after so many years!


  1. Charming! You are having Christmas in April. This is the time to shop for that! Everyone is doing spring cleaning and the first things to go are unwanted seasonal items. Most of our thrift stores up this way are Habitat for Humanity or Humane Society. We will travel south to Florida in a week and I will keep my eye open for an opportunity to go to a Goodwill.

  2. "Spaghetti trim" is a new term to me but I see that it is appropriate. As I looked at the pictures and read about your finds, I was thinking "How amazing that all that spaghetti trim is not broken!" So glad you found several things you like. Thrifting is especially fun when you find treasures.

  3. I did not know that trim had a name. I have an adorable little shoe with that trim on it. Thanks for the info! You found some great things!

  4. Fun! Fun! Fun! Thrifty indeed!! Yes, I "know" Napco with the Spaghetti trim. I have a "collection" of Christmas mini Santas. I am so glad Aunt Jane loves thrifting with you!

  5. What fun finds! I use to have copper molds just like these and yes jello went in them often.

  6. Lucky girl! Yes I love Napco vintage items and especially fond of ones I remember from my childhood! On my way to the nearest thrift store asap! Great finds! The copper molds are beauties and I too enjoy a good "jello" recipe! There are so many available too! Enjoy!

  7. That is a great idea to buy dishes at thrift stores to use for gift giving. And they are probably cheaper than the plastic containers.

  8. Love those copper molds. And another Santa mug!

  9. Great treasures, Angela - if there was an award for 'Super Shopper,' you could win it!
    Thanks for sharing, Joanie


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