Monday, September 16, 2013

A Taste of Fall

When I got back from a trip to Atlanta on Saturday, I found a surprise gift basket from my friend Liz waiting in the garage. Now a gift from my shop-owner friend is always a real treat, not only because of the gift but also because of the presentation!

How could you not like the Raggedy Ann-looking features on the little scarecrow guy set against a backdrop of burlap and a pretty mossy green basket?

And of course I was thrilled to see a fall candle, as I've been wanting one but just hadn't made candle-shopping a priority lately! I also love these cute fall tissues. If you're like me, you'll buy the cute ones for friends but never for yourself.

And last but certainly not least, there was a tin of Pumpkin Spice tea from Harney & Sons! Now I don't believe I've ever tried this Harney blend before, though I thought I'd tried pretty much every flavored tea Harney makes. How did I miss one? Their Pumpkin Spice is a blend of rooibos with pumpkin flavoring and fall spices. It was indeed a very "fall-ish" tasting blend, with cinnamon notes of almost the red-hot-cinnamon variety, which I very much enjoy. Have you tried any new fall teas yet?


  1. What a nice surprise, and at just the right time! The fall gift basket is lovely.

  2. Oooh, that tea sounds wonderful. The basket is lovely, and it sounds like your friend is as ready for fall as I am! I had my sliding glass door open this morning (it was in the low 60's outside) and enjoyed a cup of apple cinnamon tea. (It's by Republic of Tea but I am not positive of the name.) Enjoy your fall gifts!

  3. How nice to come home to this lovely gift basket. Pumpkin chai is the only autumn tea I have but the Harney & Sons blend sounds good.

  4. How thoughtful of Liz - yum, you are totally ready for Autumn now, Angela!

    : - )

  5. What a nice surprise, the basket just says fall! Enjoy your gifts, Joanie


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