Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ricola Green Tea & Echinacea Cough Drops

It really doesn't take much to amuse me. My friend Deberah came up to me at work the other day and held out this package of cough drops. "Green tea! Where'd you get 'em?" I asked. Publix, she said, and these were for me. They were a BOGO item (Buy One, Get One), plus she had a $1 off coupon, and she comes from a family of coupon queens so I think she may have actually made money off the deal. So I didn't feel too guilty for taking some cough drops off her hands.

Naturally, I had to check the ingredients list. I have become accustomed to buying such items as "green tea" lip balm and "green tea" shampoo that do not, in fact, contain any green tea, but these cough drops certainly do.

Here's what they look like unwrapped, not that you necessarily buy your cough drops based on looks, but here you go. I don't have a cough at the moment, but I tried a cough drop anyway and it had a pleasant, minty taste. I just love knowing that if I get a cough this fall or winter, I'm ready to go with my new green tea cough drops. Have you tried these, and if so what did you think?


  1. Those ingredients look like they'd work really well, except that aspartame and I do not get along. :-( Otherwise I'd be stockpiling some of these for future needs. Wonder if they make a variety that is the same flavors, but not sugar-free? I'll have to check!

  2. Hope you don't get sick anytime soon, but these do look nice.

  3. Sounds good and think I will be looking for this, just to have on hand.

  4. Looks like you both had a nice time !!!!!

  5. thanks for sharing.


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