Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sampling new Charleston Tea Plantation teas

It's been several years since I visited the Charleston Tea Plantation in South Carolina, and I'd dearly love to go again one day. I never tire of looking at tea plants and talking to tea people!

Fortunately for me, my friend Lisa recently visited and returned with a postcard and some new tea samples to remind me of what I'm missing! Though I attended a First Flush Festival and enjoyed some of that tea, I have not actually sampled some of their other American Classic Tea blends, so I was delighted Lisa was willing to share!

First I tried this Rockville Raspberry tea, which was in a nice silken pouch and had a smooth berry flavor but without that tartness that sometimes turns me off with berry-flavored teas. This one was great!

My favorite sample, though, and the biggest surprise, was this Charleston Breakfast tea. From the moment I opened the packet and sniffed the woodsy scent of the tea, I was smitten. This was such a fresh tasting tea, and I must say I've rarely experienced the rich, fresh flavor of loose tea in a teabag but I certainly did with this one. It was a great tasting black tea with no astringency, and I got two steepings from the one teabag. I'm definitely sold on the Charleston Breakfast tea and will be buying a box next time I see it in a local store!


  1. Oh I am so glad to read your review. Years ago I sampled their tea and did not care for it. But I will definitely try it again. Like you, I love visiting the tea plantation when I am in the low country of SC.

  2. I attened a First Flush Festival several years ago and was so thrilled to see my very first tea bush. The Bigelow family was there and greeted all of the guests and chatted with everyone.
    The First Flush tea was the freshest tea I had ever tasted.
    I will have to find some of the raspberry tea and give it a try. How nice that your friend shared her tea with you. Tea friends are wonderful!

  3. I am so glad to hear they have more of a variety tea. They don't sell it where I live, but I know I can order it. I toured the plantation a year ago and enjoyed it throughly. I have the same mug!
    Thanks for sharing this.

  4. My goal is to visit the Charleston Tea Plantation someday! Enjoyed your review of their newest offerings.

  5. Angela,

    Well for once I can share something with YOU!

    You can buy it online! 2 box minimum. $6.95 a box.


  6. Here it is in a loose leaf tin:

  7. Must get to this plantation someday!

  8. Thanks for the review. It sounds great!

  9. Wonderful review, Angela - must try this tea! And someday, I plan on visiting the plantation, it's 'on my list!' Joanie

  10. Thanks for the review. A visit to the tea plantation is on my "to do list" when the boys are a little older.


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