Monday, November 7, 2011

An update of the fall teawares

The fall redecorating bug has come to visit, so over the weekend I took some things down, switched some things around, and remembered that I enjoy seasonal decorating because it's like going shopping in your own store where everything is free! Although the Sandy Lynam Clough picture hanging on this wall has a mauve mat (I got this in the late eighties or early nineties) and had been hanging in my pink-hued craft room, I wanted to see if it could have a new home in the dining room. I decided yes.

It was also time (past time) to put away some teapots with pink roses on them and focus on some new fall colors. Now fall colors aren't my favorites, so I had to try to soften the color palette a bit. Is it OK to display a teapot in a basket? There was no one around to tell me not to, so I did. Besides, I felt really thrifty using the basket I bought for 10 cents at a yard sale last year! You can't see the bottom of it, but it's got these pretty ball-shaped things woven into the basket and is a really sturdy piece.

This small teapot is one I found at an antique mall a few years ago, and I love the teacup on the lid.

I also switched out some teapots on this piece I've often seen referred to as a muffin stand. Some of my knowledgeable tea friends tell me this is also called a curate's stand or butler's stand.

My favorite teapot on here is this Tea for Two teapot.

And I'm not entirely happy with this table decor (and I did iron the cloth, by the way, even if it doesn't look like it!), but I really wanted to use this vintage tablecloth. Unfortunately, my Thanksgiving dishes (His Majesty by Johnson Brothers) look too busy on here, so I removed them while I think about what to do.

My mom gave me the decorative Thanksgiving plate in the foreground. I may take it out and display it upright somewhere else.

And I still love these gaudy little turkey planters I found last year!

They're almost as bright as the teawares on this tablecloth. Again, not at all my usual color palette, but for this month I can enjoy doing something a little different. Have you decorated for fall or Thanksgiving at your house?


  1. With our Thanksgiving long past, I hate to say but I'm getting ready to dig out my winter decor.
    Your autumn table is nice; what is it with tablecloths you iron that never look like there were? I have the same problem.

  2. I think it's a great display! Love the turkey planters! And the Sandy Clough picture is perfect. I love old linens and yours is so cute! Isn't it fun getting out different things to change the decor? We have a rambunctious 1+ year old cat, so haven't been doing too much of that but may try it again. I miss my treasures being out on display!

  3. I love the clock teapot. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland by combining the White Rabbit's watch with the Mad Tea Party!

  4. Your decorations look very nice. I haven't had time to put out any Thanksgiving decorations yet. My sister got married this past weekend, so I've been busy. She did give me a lovely travel mug from World Market that I think you would like. It's black ceramic with a red rubber hand guard and red top. On the black is the word "tea" written in many different languages. I can take a picture if you want to see it.

  5. It's looking very festive in your home! Fall has arrived!

  6. Yes, there are a few decorations for fall here. Your beautiful table cloth would look perfect with my vintage cannister. Yes, teapots can go in baskets and I often have them there. You do look like you are having fun.

  7. Hello Angela, I love your fall display! You have a great decorators eye and I like how you mix in the different colors, very nice. The clock teapot is really neat. And the turkey planters are too cute!

    Thanks for sharing, Joanie

  8. Hello Angela, love your fall display! You have such a good decorators eye - I love the clock teapot!

    Thanks for sharing, Joanie


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