Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tea for George

When I got married, my husband came with a set of cat siblings, George and Tammy. Now I am allergic to cats, but we all managed to get along. Sadly, Tammy passed away around Christmas. I think I surprised everyone, including myself, by crying when she went to kitty heaven. A month or so ago, my husband called to say he had accidentally run over George on the way to work and was taking him to the vet! For an ancient cat (he's like 14 or something), George has made a speedy recovery and is now getting around quite well. So naturally I needed to buy him this get-well gift when I saw it at HomeGoods the other day.

This Kitty Tea Bag had George's name on it the moment I saw it. I'm sorry to report I wasn't on hand for photos when my husband first had Tea with George, but I'm told the catnip tea bag was a real hit. By the time I got downstairs, George was asleep and using his new tea bag as a pillow. Sweet dreams, I guess!


  1. Lucky George to have his own tea bag!

  2. That Kitty Tea Bag is really cute.

  3. Hope George is getting stronger every day, that's a touching story.
    Take care, Joanie

  4. Very cute and I am sure George loves it. Funny, but my Joey doesn't like catnip. I haven't know a cat before not to just love it.


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