Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fruity bottled teas

Tea friend Steph observed recently that the ready-to-drink (RTD) or bottled tea market has exploded, and I thoroughly agree! I try to sample every new (to me) flavor at least once, and I found these two bottles for $1 each at a local discount store last week.

Lipton's Diet Green Tea with Watermelon was a fruity tasting drink, and I did enjoy it, but it tasted like something berry-ish and not necessarily watermelon-ish to me, so that was a little disappointing. Guess I'll just have to eat some watermelon (which some of you are no doubt thinking I should have done in the first place!).

I preferred the taste of this Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea, and at 18 grams of sugar per serving (high fructose corn syrup, for the sugar curious), of course I liked it! I just need to remember I am drinking the equivalent of candy!

I enjoyed this iced, and as a rare treat I would probably purchase it again. But I have learned it's very necessary to read the labels on bottled teas and be a savvy sipper!


  1. Yes, there certainly is a variety of RTD tea out there. That Pomegranate tea is such a pretty color.

  2. The Pomegranate one sounds good, but I usually am not tempted to buy RTD teas because I like cold ice tea just straight without fancy flavorings and sugar.


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