Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Royal Wedding Commemorative Plate and Book

News accounts this week say that Royal Wedding fever has taken hold here in the U.S., but I already knew that just from talking to family and friends. This weekend I spent a little time thinking about the menu and decorations for my Royal Wedding Tea, and a great gift I just received will be part of the decor.

My thoughtful friend Joanie tells me they just got these mini book sets in at Hastings, a book and music store in Newnan. The set is by Running Press, whose tea-themed sets I have written about before (here). This one features a great little book that tells the story of William and Kate's courtship.

My favorite item, though, is this 2-1/4-inch plate which comes with its own tiny little stand. If you're a Royal Wedding fan as well, this is definitely a set to look for the next time you're in your local bookstore!


  1. Really nice !!!! Time to shop !!!!

  2. How nice! I have Royal Wedding English bone china mugs in my shop and have been sending them all over...Finland, Canada, Sweden...even back to the UK! LOL!
    Will be a fun time to be a spectator!

  3. That is a nice keepsake and perfect to display at your Royal Wedding Tea.

  4. Well, bummer! I went to my Hastings today and they didn't have it!

  5. So glad you got the set! I think it's well done and it makes for a nice memento of the Royal Wedding.
    Have a great day, Joanie


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