Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More East Pacific Tea Co. teas

Recently I sampled two more teas from the newly-discovered East Pacific Tea Co. I enjoyed them both, and not just for the taste!

I made a point of not going online to see what kind of tea this was before I opened the packet of Soul Vacation. To me, seeing the different varieties of whole leaf tea is one of the quiet pleasures of teatime. These tightly furled tea leaves opened gracefully and produced a delicious, rich tasting Formosa Oolong. I had four or five steepings of this tea the first time I sampled it, and each one was just delicious!

Again, I decided to let this Gold Flake tea surprise me, but one look at the wispy black leaves with bits of golden leaf told me this was a black tea. When I did look up this tea online, I was not surprised to learn it was from the Yunnan province of China. This was a brisk tea without a trace of astringency, and I like it very much. As with the Soul Vacation tea, I was pleased to find I could get several steepings from the tea. I've been quite pleased with the samples I recently tried from East Pacific Tea Co., so if you're not acquainted with their teas, please check them out here!


  1. I'll have to look for East Pacific Teas. Lovely review. I wanted you to know the copy of your magazine arrived yesterday. Thank you so much. I love reading local magazines from around the country. Wonderful recipes and the tea for tots ... such a good idea. Well done, Angela!! (I haven't blogged about my recent mail call, but I will!)

  2. Both of those East Pacific Tea Co. teas sound delicious. Thanks for the link.

  3. Interesting names for the teas. I have not had tea from this company. Looks good.

  4. sounds like nice teas. thanks for sharing the reviews.

  5. Such a neat review, Angela - those teas sound delicious! I like the photos too. I will be on the look out for these, Joanie


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