Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The write stuff, teapot-style

Recently I relocated an antique writing desk from my craft room, where it had been crammed with all sorts of things that don't belong there, to a corner spot in the living room, where it now is home to pens and papers. Although I do have a pile of homeless craft items awaiting relocation in the craft room, it is so nice to open a drawer of that writing desk and find the stationery and note cards it was meant to hold. One of the things I rediscovered was this Mary Engelbreit pen in a design I absolutely love!

The cheery cherry teapot on top is just the sort of ME design that makes me smile when I reach for it, perhaps because I like pens *almost* as much as I like tea!

A pretty red tin houses the pen and has no doubt kept me from banging it around and losing the teapot top, and I'd sure love to see Mary come out with more teapot pens-in-tins!


  1. I really love Mary E.s colors.
    Those colors would make a great quilt.

  2. Rediscovering things I stashed away and forgot about is always fun. I love the ME pen.

  3. I love Mary E's colors, too - you just can't be in a 'bad mood,' when you look at her products!
    She is such a talented artist. Have a great day, Joanie

  4. What a fun post! Don't you just love finding one of your favorite things all over again. I wish Mary would come out with more of these too, I miss her classics with tea things in bright colors. Thanks for the picture & the post. I love tea and pens too.

  5. What a fun re-find! I LOVE Mary E. I never grow tired of her happy imagery and bright colors! I never saw this pen though, lucky you! A very fun post indeed!

  6. You do find the cutest tea things.

  7. Coool Blog.

    I hope you can look at mine

  8. How CUTE!

    I too love pens..and tin holders..this one is precious!

    I wish she had her magazine still...loved collecting her paperdolls.

    I have an old magnetic paperdoll set made by ME...



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