Monday, April 5, 2010

A very "moving" teapot gift

Have you ever come across a present you weren't supposed to get until later? I did on Saturday, but I was helping my parents pack to move into their new house, and it's certainly not my fault this gift wasn't hidden better!

I don't mean to be a teapot snob here, but I normally don't care for figural teapots. With display space already at a premium, I just can't spare the space for a teapot shaped like a television, or an elephant or a squash. I want my teapots to be round, English and have flowers on them, and that's about it. But this one? Well, this one I loved! So I was quite amused when my mom confessed it was a thrift store find she had intended for my birthday next month, but I could go ahead and take it now. "You'll have to find the cream pitcher yourself," she said. Will do!

The teapot is marked 40 oz., OCI, and when I researched that mark on eBay, I came across a number of OCI teapots made by the Omnibus division of Fitz and Floyd. I hope that one day I'll come across the matching piece, though I'm delighted with the two I received on Saturday by happy accident!

Flowers have been my obsession all spring, and on Saturday I explored the grounds at the new house and took a few photos I thought I'd share with my fellow flower lovers here. (I must confess I'm hoping to beg a few cuttings in the coming days, so hopefully some of these lovelies will be in my own garden eventually!) In order of floral appearance are camellias, above, and flowering crabapple, dwarf pink flowering almond, flowering quince, a redbud tree, jonquils, periwinkle and muscari, which is appropriately enough held by my niece Cari. Thanks for humoring me with my "moving" story from the weekend!


  1. Your new teapot is very pretty. I love the bud handle on the lid. What a treat to see so many spring flowers. The grounds at the new house must be beautiful.

  2. Hi Angela,

    How very wonderful that your Mom found this rose teapot for you and who doesn't love an "early" birthday present.

    I have this very same tea set, also a birthday gift from my sweet DH. Hope you enjoy using it and are able to find the cream pitcher.

    Thank you too for the floral tour. I always enjoy seeing other gardener's beautiful blooms

    Mary Jane

  3. I love the new teapot & what a wonderful surprise. Your mom does have an eye for great finds.
    The flora on the new property is amazing! No wonder you want clippings!

  4. What a very pretty teapot and early gift. I would have had a hard time waiting to give it to you once I found it. Love the flowers too. I get so excited with each flower that appears in springtime. The lilacs are almost ready to bloom, I can't wait.

  5. I really think I have a teacup that matches this set! I got it for $4 a few years ago at What's in Store? -- remind me to look on the bottom for a marking and then show it to you!

  6. I agree with you about novelty tea pots. But your new one is very pretty. Love the flower photos too.

  7. Just had to leave a second comment-I just caught the play on words with your title- very clever!

  8. Prettiest post I've read today! All those flowers are just so gorgeous, beautiful photography Angela! Your new teapot is great! I'm also not a huge fan of figural teapots, but it's because like you said... space is at a major premium. That one though, I would also make a happy exception for, enjoy!

  9. Your teapot is gorgeous!!! How special it's a birthday gift from your mom who obviously has has very good taste. The garden flowers are very pretty, too.

  10. What a lovely rose teapot! I bet you can find the other piece if you look around on e-bay.
    Beautiful spring flowers! Especially that muscari that Cari is holding! :-)

  11. Beautiful flowers for a beautiful spring day. Thank you!

  12. Oh Angela, what a pretty teapot and the garden photos are beautiful! Those plants look so healthy, simply gorgeous.
    Thank goodness spring has come,


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