Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Pretty Useful Gift!

Back during the summer, I got a pretty new water bottle and my sister apparently remembered me saying that yes, it was lovely, but it wasn't suitable for hot liquids, so I had nothing nice in which to take already-steeped hot tea to the office.

I was, therefore, delighted when I opened gifts from my sister's family at Christmas and found this beautiful Wild & Wolf vacuum bottle from Pretty Useful Tools, a company I'd heard about because of their great product designs.

And while this bottle transports hot tea just great (I poured some in both the morning and afternoon at work yesterday, and it was still piping hot in the afternoon), what I think is particularly nice about this bottle is that there is an open/close button on top, and when you press down on the center, you can pour the tea without ever unscrewing the top! So if, like me, you've ever dribbled hot water or tea from a thermos across your desktop, this is a spillproof (and stylish!) way of solving that problem.


  1. This is the best looking bottle!! I will have to go check out their website.. I too need something to keep hot tea in my classroom....Nice gift from sis! Faye

  2. Found ya at the new address! Lurve the header design too! Very Cha Cha!

  3. Love the cute floral design, and the practical feature of not having to unscrew the top to pour the tea. A very nice gift indeed!

  4. Oh oh oh, I love this thermos! I've been on the look out for a printed one like this :)

    By the way, I will be trying your cranberry cookies this weekend....can't wait! They look scrumptious! Thank you for the recipe.

    I really enjoyed my visit!


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