Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mighty Leaf teas

Mighty Leaf Tea first appeared on my tea radar at Christmas one year when my sister gave me several huge bags of it as a gift. I was (and am) impressed with their elegant packaging and teabag design as well as the tasty teas. Today, I see this brand for sale at local Publix stores and also by-the-cup at Broad Street Sweets in downtown Newnan. Mighty Leaf recently sent new samples for me to try, so I thought I'd share some mini-reviews here. First, Orange Dulce is a black tea with orange, vanilla and jasmine blossoms. This was an OK tea, but it wasn't as "desserty" as I expected so I added a sugar cube, and I really prefer not to do that!

Organic African Nectar is an African rooibos tea with mango, vanilla and blossoms. I haven't had any rooibos in a while and had forgotten how much I like it. This one had a very rich and full taste, and since I love mango I especially liked those notes in the tea.

Finally, I tried the Marrakesh Mint Green Tea, and the package says: "Refreshing China green tea leaves are brightened with Moroccan peppermint cultivated on a mountainside in Tiznit." It was truly a great mint tea, very, very minty, and I so want that beautiful tea glass depicted on the teabag wrapper! On a side note, if you are saving teabag wrappers for future craft projects, you can save all of the front of the wrapper if you carefully poke some small scissors into the back of the wrapper, cut a slit, and remove the teabag that way.


  1. The first time I had a Mighty Leaf tea was when I won some samples from you. I have to agree - yummmy!!! I don't think I've tasted one I didn't like yet. And their packaging is beautiful. All around, a well done product.

  2. Mighty Leaf Tea is a brand that I haven't tried yet. I think their Organic Breakfast Tea is one that I'd really like to try, but it is a little pricey.

    That Moroccan tea glass is beautiful and I like your hint for teabag wrapper collectors.

  3. One of the benefits of this company is that the their tea sachet is biodegradeable. This is a rare thing among tea companies, and I highly admire them for it.

  4. I've only had Mighty Leaf tea once or twice. I liked it but did not find it locally for sale. Recently I noticed a box or 2 at the grocery store. I'll have to see if Marrakesh Mint Green Tea was one of them. This sounds like a tea I would love.

  5. My favorite flavor of Mighty Leaf is the Orange Dulce. I discovered the same thing you did, though, the first time I tried it.

    I was expecting a little bit more sweetness--like a dessert tea. Only after adding milk and a spoon of honey did it hit the sweet spot.

    That's how I drink it now and I think it's great.


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