Friday, July 17, 2009

The Estate Sale "Preview"

One of the things I have enjoyed about working and writing for a small-town newspaper (and now magazine) for so many years is that you have a lot of opportunities to meet readers, and so very many of them have become friends. One of them, Dora, has been a real encouragement to both me and my husband over the years, so when I had a message to call her on my voicemail one day last week, I was curious what she wanted. Turns out Dora was assisting with a local estate sale scheduled for this Saturday and wanted to invite me to a "preview" night because she knew there were some vintage goodies I might be interested in. I've never been invited to browse an estate sale early, so this was a real treat for me, and off I went after work last night! My first treasure was this pinback button from Newnan's sesquicentennial in 1978. Had to have that for history reasons.

Another neat find was this patriotic beaded basket pin. If Marilyn Miller hosts her red, white and blue blog event around July 4 next year, I'll be ready. I love the sweet little vintage millinery flower on it. That's a whole lot of happy for 25 cents, don't you think?

I love the graphics on old greeting card boxes, and this one had several things going for it. A) It was pink and had roses on it. B) It was filled with old envelopes I can use for when I make handmade cards. C) The date at the top was Feb. 22, which is my dad's birthday. Neat!

But the most wonderful thing is an item I nearly overlooked until Dora asked me if I'd seen it: this pair of vintage screwback teapot earrings. I actually have a bracelet that matches them! It was quite a productive little after-work visit, and my whole bag of goodies was just $12. I wish I could always get invited to a preview sale!


  1. Good things come to those who give as much as you Angela! What a great lot of finds. Congrats!

  2. Beautiful Bargains!

    That little patriotic basket has my creative wheels spinning. What neat finds. :)

  3. I ADORE the earrings! I'd love to see the matching bracelet sometime!

  4. You did find some nice things at the estate sale. How wonderful that you found the earrings to match a bracelet that you have.

    I've never been invited to an estate preview sale - sounds like fun to have first dibs.

  5. Now that's a friend! As my grandson would say "she really hooked you up" with the preview.

    Love all your "finds"...


  6. Angela: What a fun week of posts you have here! Hope you are having agreat summer! It is going so FAST!

  7. Cute earrings! Are you going to wear them or do something special with them?

  8. Gerri, I will do another post soon about teatime charm bracelets so you can see the bracelet! And Marilyn, I do plan to wear these because they're so simple, I think they'd be great with everything from jeans to dresses!

  9. That must have been so much fun! You found some wonderful goodies!


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