Thursday, May 7, 2009

An empty refrigerator

The good news is, I have learned our refrigerator has been kept pretty clean in the 2-1/2 years since my husband and I bought it. The bad news is, I discovered this when we had to empty it after DH came home on Tuesday to find a stream of water in the kitchen, a result of melted ice dripping out the front of the fridge since the thing had suddenly stopped cooling and freezing. The store where we bought it couldn't service it until today, so ... we cleaned out a refrigerator after we got home from work last night. (Full disclosure: He had pretty much emptied it by himself by the time I got home. That's a good thing, because I would have mentally cha-chinged the cost of every jar, jug, bottle, box and bag we were junking.)

To make it easier on the repair guy who is going to come precisely at "some time between 8 and 5" today, I removed all the refrigerator magnets and thought, "Hey, I've never blogged about teapot and teacup magnets before!" I'll bet some of you have that same magnet from The Tea Room in Savannah, and perhaps some of these ...

... or these. One day, I'll actually put a photo in that tiny little teapot frame magnet! I'd love to hear about (or see, fellow tea bloggers) your own tea magnets sometime!


  1. We did that a few months ago, except we had to replace our fridge (ended up with a smaller one). :=(

    I have the Tea Room magnet, American Classic Tea magnet and a few Mary Engelbreit tea themed magnets on my fridge.

  2. Boy, I don't envy anyone the job of cleaning out a refrigerator. But now yours looks brand new! (And I DO envy that!) As for tea magnets, I only have two, but one of them I really love. It's a little photo of a table with 2 teacups on it, and a poem that says "Sit down my friend, and talk with me; Let's share our thoughts over cups of tea."

  3. we sometimes clean our refrigerator, but it's smaller than yours that I thought it's much easier..:)

    but those magnets are so beautiful..


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