Thursday, April 9, 2009

An intriguing new tea tin

Recently I wrote about the "winged" teabags I found at the new Vitamin Shoppe in Newnan. What I also found on that initial visit was a very cool tin of Fancy Magnolia Blossoms Oolong Tea from the Chaa Tea company.

You take the lid off and it looks like this. But it turns out the lid is still attached to a container ...

... that opens to this.

Inside is this metal tea strainer which, very efficiently, I think, tucks back inside for storage.

The strainer is a tad small, though, and I had to finagle it a bit so it would perch inside my very average-sized teacup. The strainer or the handles need to be just a wee bit larger. And the tea? Delicious! It had a great floral scent reminiscent of jasmine tea, and it had almost a sweet finish to it, which made this a great dessert tea following some tasty turkeyburgers made by my sweetie!


  1. What a clever as well as thoughtful idea on the tea makers part. I must comment on the beautiful cup and saucer as well. It is just lovely.
    As of yet, I haven't stopped in the Vitamin shoppe yet. I'll have to make it a point to.

  2. A tin of loose leaf tea with an infuser/strainer makes a lot of sense!

  3. Angela!
    This is perfectly minamalist in approach! Using the smaller Oriental (I know, now a taboo term...should say Asian or Eastern Asian)utensils, with smaller mouths, and often, no handles this would be wonderful. When you can find the hot water, you could carry the cup inside, have your tea already in the strainer, and dump the old leaves later.

    What an enchanting solution! No bag, no fuss, recycle the leaves by tossing around any bush, and of course, no sugar or milk needed!

    Be sure to save the can and strainer for future use...why in Japan, this could be a school lunch accoutrement (accouterment)!

  4. Now that is ingenious. I'll have to look for this, since I'd like to try more white tea. The cup is very pretty - what is the writing around the saucer?

  5. So many clever creations related to tea these days! That is a cool one.

  6. That is neat! I had no idea the Vitamin Shop sold tea. I'll have to check it out.

  7. ParTea Lady, RE the writing around the saucer: It's Psalm 27:1, "The Lord is my light and my salvation." There's a better picture of it in the Dec. 23, 2008 post. (You could search the word "Lottie" up in the left corner and go right to it, as this was my gift for speaking at a Lottie Moon Christmas Tea, and I still just love it!)

  8. Is it pricey? It seems like it would be if there is a strainer in every tin. Very nice touch though.

  9. Angela,
    I may have not found the proper "left hand" corner...all I saw was "Google" (which I don't much use)and "Ask" which I don't know why I have it.

    Anyway, I typed in Lottie plain without the parenthesis and amazingly there she was in Wikipedia! First real choice!

    I still did not find the left hand box for the autonomic whoosh! to your Dec. 23, 2008 post...can you please advise?

  10. Certainly, Gwendol! You should be seeing a dark blue strip across the top of this web page. It has an orange Blogger symbol, a white search box, and then the words "Search Blog." I often use this to find something I wrote about in the past without having to scroll through a whole month (or two) of posts!

    And Linda, the tea was just $9.95, so with my 20 percent off coupon (and they've been running coupons regularly in our paper), that made it about $8. Not bad, I thought!


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