Monday, March 9, 2009

Hyacinths & Shady Lawns

The blogs I read are particularly lovely at this time of year, because no matter the topic it seems none of us can resist sneaking in a few flower photos, such as these hyacinths I picked when my husband and I were outside walking last night.

As we were walking, I thought about how we've been in our house more than two years and still haven't done anything with a small enclosed plot that once was a dog pen with a chain link fence. The gate on it has potential, and I can sort of envision it dolled up and decorated and growing a few plants that will tolerate the shady lawn.

And speaking of Shady Lawn (sounds like a cemetery, doesn't it?), it was also yesterday that I happened across an old postcard I've had for years, for the Shady Lawn Tea Room in Atlanta. I bought the card as a curiosity, for I'm quite certain there's no tea room in that spot today. The tea room was located at 2235 Stewart Ave., with an Ellen Burke serving as "Proprietress," offering chicken and steaks and combination meals. This was obviously the sort of tea room written about in "Tea at the Blue Lantern Inn," and although I don't think we could have gotten a cream tea there, I'll bet Miss Burke's chicken and steaks were just delicious!


  1. The hyacinths are lovely. It is so nice to see all the spring flowers and shrubs in bloom. A kitchen herb garden would be handy in a small plot like your dog pen. If I were to plant anything this year, it would be blueberry bushes, although my husband is not keen on this idea.

    Shady Lawn does sound like a cemetary. I read somewhere that Stewart Ave. is not somewhere you would want to visit these days. I do like the old postcard (another unusual tea collectible). I recently ordered myself a copy of "Tea at the Blue Lantern Inn" and I'm really looking forward to reading it.

  2. Wow, Stewart Ave used to have a quaint Tea Room!!?!?!? Well, it certainly DOES NOT now. I'll have to see if the old building is still standing next visit over that way. I do actually think it is. Up toward Cleveland Ave. That area is close where I grew up as a child. Nothing like it use to be that's for sure!!! (Well even back then it was turning seedy)
    Your hyacinths are really pretty. I can't wait for mine to start blooming.
    See Ya.

  3. ParTea Lady and Teresa, you both had the same reaction my husband did when I showed him that postcard last night, about how Stewart Avenue certainly isn't "tea room material" today. But the funny thing is, at first he thought it said "Shady Lady" instead of "Shady Lawn"!!!

    And Teresa, if you happen to drive by there one day please let me know if that building is still there. I'd love to know!

  4. Oh, LOVELY!!! :-) Just so pretty! And that's an awesome postcard, too.

  5. Hello Angela-

    That tea room looks wonderful! We used to live at Fort McPherson, right near Stewart Avenue and things sure have changed.

    We sometimes took driving trips around Fort McPherson...I don't remember that house but there are some neat homes near Woodward Academy / East Point. One restored beauty is worth looking at: it has been turned into an office but it sure is pretty. We watched the renovation process and the end result is beautiful.

    The home on your postcard (coloring and style of) "somewhat resembles" the grand home in Newnan, on Hiway 29, down from Sprayberry's Restaurant. It's been on some house tours and it's a beauty.

    It would be great (someday) if Newnan could have a nice tearoom / shop in one of those old homes, wouldn't it?

    Hope you have a great day & thanks for your site: I look forward to reading it, Joanie

  6. The was something about the blog...the flowers after the odd weather (what a treat) the post card and all that vaguely reminded me of an Academy Award winning movie. It took a bit of research and thought, but somehow, "Mildred Pierce" came to mind. Just as a thought, time-wise and movie-wise, I wonder if there might be some sort of connection? Maybe a newspaper microfische or something else could turn up just what all was at that address...wouldn't THAT be a coincidence? Great stuff for a mystery novel!


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