Friday, December 26, 2008

Tea gifts I gave

All year long, I seem to pick up tea things for myself, but just so you'll know, I do also like to give tea gifts. Like this Old Country Roses tea set I found for my OCR-collecting mom at What's in Store, my across-the-street antiques and collectibles store in Newnan. She already has the nice bone china teapot from OCR, but this set had rose-shaped knobs on the teapot and sugar bowl lids, which I thought she would like as well. The set was new, in the original box, with original stickers on the pieces, and was about one-third of the retail *sale* price. No wonder I love What's in Store!

When I told niece Cari some months ago that I had discovered a "Tea Party Barbie" existed on eBay, she said, "Why don't you get it for me for Christmas?" So I did. (Now I want one too!) You can't see it, but Barbie comes with her own little pink plastic tea set down in the bottom of the box.

A girlfriend who loves bath and beauty products got this cucumber and green tea sugar scrub and fluffy socks. (She is also a scrapbooker and got some tea-themed stickers, but I forgot to take a photo of them.)

A coffee-and-tea-loving girlfriend got this "I am not a paper cup" cup. Would you believe this is actually a porcelain cup with silicone lid designed to look just like a styrofoam cup? (Found this at Limetree at Ashley Park. I'm glad they had only one on display, because I would have been *very* tempted to get another for myself.)

And finally, Old Navy's bath and beauty products this Christmas included green tea soaps and candles, and these rounded out a gift for another tea-loving girlfriend. Of course, now that it's Dec. 26, it's time to go begin shopping for next year's Christmas gifts. Did you give any tea gifts this year?


  1. What great stuff - as usual! Among the tea-related gifts I gave this year were tea-themed ornaments to some colleagues at work; tea angel ornaments to a couple of girlfriends; signed editions of Elizabeth Knight's "Celtic Tea With Friends" to my son's fiance and her mum; and Harney's *wonderful* gift set (for each of my sister's) that contained Chocolate Peppermint scone mix; Chocolate Peppermint sauce; a 20-count tin of Holiday tea; and a silver snowflake votive candle.

  2. Bernideen's TeaTime BlogDecember 27, 2008 at 5:38 PM

    I agree with Denise - great gifts and so well thought out!

  3. Lovely tea-themed gifts. I did not give any tea gifts, but I did receive a number of them. My husband signed me up for Harney's tea of the month club. I am quite excited about that one!

  4. Love your tea gifts, Angela!
    Both my sisters and my best girl friend got pretty containers of tea from me as part of their gift. And since all of them have been coughing and hacking the last two weeks, I included a jar of honey and some fresh myer lemons with each gift of tea. Hopefully it will provide some relief from the nasty flu bug that is making the rounds.

  5. Oh! Tea party Barbie - I might need that!


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