Thursday, August 7, 2008

A different kind of tea bag

So here's the deal: When they renovated our breakroom at work a few years ago, the new feature I most loved was the hot water spigot. The temperature wasn't quite boiling, but almost, and I have used it frequently for making tea. Well, the hot water spigot is currently awaiting repair, and I just can't bring myself to microwave my tea water. Call me persnickety, but if I can't have good, freshly boiled water, I'd rather do without.

So, I have decided to take advantage of a gift my friend Liz gave me a few years ago, this "Suburbanite" bag and thermos set. How old do you suppose this sweet thing is? I have no idea, but I just love it (as she knew I would; she even envisioned it being used for tea). The rose design looks just like vintage needlepoint, and it suits me to a ... tea.

After making the tea (Blue Mango) at home this morning and filling up the thermos, I got to work and promptly discovered this tea is still quite HOT! And that's just what I was hoping for. I am also grateful Liz already gave me this set a while back, because she is opening her "junktiques" shop Cydney's Alley in a few days (it's named for daughters Cydney and Alley), and I have a feeling this would make some mighty fine merchandise!


  1. I did a search for aladin and suburbanite and the date for this set is 1969! Vintage!

  2. Where is your friend's shop going to be located?
    P.S. Cute set

  3. I didn't think to search for Aladdin and Suburbanite, Anonymous, so thank you! That means this set is almost as old as I am! And Teresa, Cydney's Alley will be on Main Street in Senoia, right beside the new stationery store. If you visit, tell Liz I said hello!

  4. I love that thermos and carrier! It's so feminine looking and perfect for taking tea anywhere you go. I've never seen anything like it. (But my eyes will be searching for one when I'm browsing local thrift shops, you can be sure.)

  5. Thanks Angela,
    I may just stop in to visit on my next trip to Barnesville. Hasn't Senoia grown?!

  6. Ladies, I just did a search on ebay and there is a suburbanite set just like this one with the original tag! The buy-it-now price is $24.99. Log in to ebay and do a search for "aladdin suburbanite"


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