Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Tea Art" by Gregory R. Suriano

My favorite tea book is often the latest one I've received, but there's a new one out that I must highly, highly recommend to tea lovers for a place of honor in the tea library: "Tea Art: A Modern Look at Vintage Tea Graphics" by Gregory R. Suriano (Schiffer Books, $24.95). This is the first book to cover the topic of paper ephemera associated with tea, and I'm just sorry I didn't come up with such a great idea myself, because this would have been loads of fun to research!

Have you ever come across a tea-themed postcard on eBay or at an antique mall? I have precisely one (an old tea room near Atlanta), but obviously I just haven't been looking hard enough or long enough. Here are just a few of the images of postcards from "Tea Art."

Have you ever seen a tea advertisement in a vintage magazine? I haven't, although I sure do love the one above right with Ginger Rogers, and you can bet I'll be looking for such ads NOW. In addition to postcards and periodical advertisements, the book also covers prints, posters, book and periodical illustrations, booklets, sheet music, trade and trading cards, labels and packaging. (HINT: Even before I got this book, I started saving at least one teabag wrapper out of every box of teabags I purchase. I'm scanning them to my computer for both collecting and crafting purposes.) "Tea Art" also includes tea history, a nice bibliography and a price guide to these tea-themed paper collectibles, making Suriano's new book an especially delightful read for those of us who love all things tea.


  1. Very clever of you to save your tea bag covers. When you do decide to make something from those- please share. I bet it will be just lovely and a wonderful reminder for later years.

  2. Like I NEED another tea book on my Wish List - LOL! Thanks for sharing about this. It looks brilliant.

    Hmmmm.....we should think of a way to create a virtual online tea bag cover "quilt" ...... Can you even hazard a GUESS as to how many different tea bags (and respective covers) there are in the world???!!!

  3. Wow. wow. Wow. I am so thrilled to know about that book! How in the world did you find it? I am going straightaway to put it on my wishlist.

  4. Frivolitea, I actually saw this listed on eBay (you're shocked, I know!), but the publisher was kind enough to send me a review copy!

  5. Very cool - I had not known of this book, so thank you!

  6. I will definitely look for this book to add to my collection. The tea quilt idea that Denise mentioned is interesting. You could also print the tea bag wrappers onto computer fabric sheets and use them for a tea pillow, door hanger, tote bag, etc. Maybe they could be incorporated into your Cloth, Paper, Scissors contest entry, which I can't wait to see.

  7. Did you know that there is a white tea with Golden color loose leaf.

    It is the most exotic and expensive tea in the world and called "Golden Tips"



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