Monday, March 24, 2008

Chocolate & Tea Tasting Squares

The bad news is, I waited 'til the last minute to go in search of the single Cadbury's creme egg I intended to eat this Easter, and alas, they were all sold out. The good news is, as my consolation prize, I found this set of Starbucks Chocolate & Tea Tasting Squares at the grocery store.

This box contains 15 squares of tea-infused chocolate, five each of three popular Tazo Tea flavors: Chai, Passion and Citron. I opted to first try one of each with a cup of English Afternoon Tea.

Unwrapping the Citron Dark Chocolate first, I was struck by a strong lemon scent even before first bite. I haven't had that particular blend of Tazo Tea, but I'll bet I know what it tastes like now. Passion Tea, which I have tried before, is a bit strong, a little woo-hoo for my tastebuds, so I didn't imagine I'd like the Passion Dark Chocolate that well. It was my favorite! Sipping tea in between bites, I could definitely detect the berry notes in the chocolate each time I bit into it. And I saved what I suspected would be the most intensely flavored piece, Chai Milk Chocolate, for last. That was a good move. It tastes exactly like the Chai tea, and all those complex flavors seem present in the chocolate. And delicious as it all was, what does it say about me that I'd still rather have had that Cadbury egg!


  1. Too bad you missed the creme egg. They are a favorite around my house too. I haven't seen the Starbucks Chocolate & Tea Tasting Squares. I bet they would be good for chocolate covered fruit, etc. I'd like to try the chai flavor.

    I use the powdered chai mix for a recipe "mini chocolate chai cakes" and also like to make from scratch chai tea. I wonder if the squares could be used for a glaze for the cake?

    Thanks for sharing your Chocolate & Tea Tasting review.

  2. I should have mentioned that these really are thin little squares suitable ONLY for tasting. I think you'd have to buy about 20 boxes just like this if you really wanted to cook with them! (On the other hand, since I need to lose some pounds, I find the tiny size of these pieces is actually a good thing...) The whole box is about the size of an index card, if that helps!


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