Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Changing tastes in teapots

Isn't it funny how our tastes change over time? Years ago, you couldn't have paid me to take a brown teapot into my home. The other day, I would have gladly paid my mom for this sweet brown teapot, but she was redecorating and asked if I wanted this. Sure, I said. My living room will soon get new blue walls thanks to DH (he said last night he needs a new project so I should go ahead and pick out the paint -- yes!!!), and this teapot will match the new furniture and flooring we will then need to match the newly painted walls.

But I digress. I actually have only a couple of tea things on display in our living room, but I think this teapot could go great with the new blue and brown color scheme I have in mind. The teapot has no marks on the bottom, but it does have an interesting paint scheme. There is an almost iridescent sheen to the glaze on the body of the teapot. In addition to the metallic gold trim on the roses at top, there is what looks like an almost "puff paint" design that stands out when you view the sides of the teapot.

This piece actually resembles a couple of the teapots in a wonderful book I received for Christmas, "Antique Trader Teapots Price Guide" edited by Kyle Husfloen. The teapots similar to this one aren't especially valuable, but they do have a little age on them, so at least I got an idea for identification purposes. Some of the teapots in this book are just amazing, and I try to look at the book every now and then so I'll develop an "eye" for different teapot styles and makers. One of the things I most enjoy about collecting teawares is that there is always so much more to LEARN.

UPDATE: Happened to be looking on eBay and came across a new word tonight: Moriage. That's the type of decoration on this (probably Japanese) teapot. Who knew?


  1. It is a pretty little teapot. I almost bought a very similar one in the antique stalls upstairs at the Jasmine Tea Room in Sharpsburg.

    Pale blue and brown is a lovely color combination. I hope you will post a picture when you finish the living room.

  2. That is a gorgeous teapot, and I love browns and blues together!

  3. Will you use a robin's egg blue with the brown in your living room? My niece did her LR in pale pink and brown and I found a Spode "Rosa" plate in pink/brown for her.


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