Monday, February 4, 2008

New tea bag holders

You just never know where you're going to find some new tea accessories. Over the weekend, I was on a different route home and needed to stop by the grocery store for Super Bowl snacks for my DH. Although I'm normally a Publix shopper, this day I stopped at Kroger. I decided to check out the tea aisle and found two items which came home with me. First, on sale for just $2 was this Lipton Green Tea with Orange, Passionfruit & Jasmine. I have been disappointed with most citrus teas I've tried, but this one was great and had a very orangey, fruity taste. I questioned the directions, which said to use boiling water (for green tea?) and steep for just 1 to 1-1/2 minutes. I steeped mine in boiling water for just a minute and a half and it was perfect. Who knew?

But even more fun was the discovery of these two little plastic teabag holders. If you can't see the words in the photo, the green one says "The Tea Bagger" and the white one says "Tea Bag Holder." I've seen vintage plastic holders like these but never new ones. And you know what else? They're made in the USA by the Arrow Plastic Manufacturing Co. in Elk Grove, IL. I cannot remember the last time I bought a plastic item made in the U.S. Cool!

These two will be added to a small collection of tea bag holders, which include these glass, plastic and china varieties. My nicest tea bag holder is the blue Spode one at top right (a set of these was a Christmas gift from a tea lover friend), and the most whimsical is the Florida one. I like the variety of these tea accessories, and it has occurred to me I ought to have them on display. Hmmm ...


  1. The tea cup shaped holder is unusual - typically I've only seen them in the shape of a tea pot. Thanks for sharing your collection!

  2. The tea bag holders are really cute. I will have to look at my local Kroger and see if they have them. Lipton black tea is not one of my favorites, but they do have some nice green and specialty teas. I just bought some White Tea with Island Mango & Peach flavor. They were a bargain three pack ($4.88) that was on the clearance shelf at Target. They come in the pyramid silky bags. They have a lovely fragrance and flavor. I have been trying to drink more of the green and white tea for the health benefits.

    I've heard that adding milk to your black tea greatly reduces the health benefits. Have you read this research? This is sad news for a British style tea drinker like myself.

  3. Cute tea bag holders. Displaying them is a great thought. Besides handing them on a little tree, I wonder if one could remove the glass from a frame, pad and cover the back part of the frame. Then hang the tea bag holders inside the frame using either stainless steel straight pins or some kind of hooks. (I use stainless steel straight pins to hang pictures on my walls. They are amazingly strong.) You'd need a large enough frame so you could add to your collection. Just a thought.

    I ran out of Perfectly Pear white tea--I think from Celestial Tea a while back. To my dismay I've not been able to find any more...I've looked in three different stores. I hope it's not discontinued. Have you ever tasted it?

    Thanks for a fun and interesting blog. I love that you add something every day.

    I just had another thought :o) Could you use those clear acrylic stair step spice holders to display the tea bag holders. Glue your choice of fabric or lace on the holder. Then along the top front edge glue a coordinating color of cording. This would allow you display the holders upright and provide a lip on each shelf so the holders wouldn't slip off the shelf. I can imagine a variety of ways to embellish with fringe and cording. Okay, enough said.

  4. I'll have to keep my eye peeled for the tea bag holders.

    Which reminds me of a question...

    When you use a tea you squeeze every last drop from it or just pull it out and dispose of it? I've read other places that to squeeze it will cause your tea to be this true in your opinion?

  5. For what it's worth, Tammy, I DON'T squeeze the last drops out of the tea bag. I'm with those who say it seems to make it bitter to twist that last little bit out of the bag.


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