Wednesday, February 27, 2008

London weather & a London Cuppa

When I got home from work yesterday it was all gray and rainy. What tea to have? I wanted a strong cup of tea in my sunny looking teacup, so I reached for this tin of The London Cuppa. I received it as a gift a few years ago, and it's just the oddest tea I've ever had.

I'd seen this tea with the cute graphics for sale at T.J. Maxx but never bought any for myself, so I was happy to receive it that Christmas. When I opened the tin, I thought, "Well for Pete's sake. Somebody messed up and put coffee grounds in here!" But always the brave tea adventurer, I went ahead and put some in a tea filter. And to my great surprise, it made a nice strong cup of tea!

The tin says that this tea "has been blended to account for the London water to give it a robust, deep, rich flavour, which is ideal to enjoy all day, every day." The website listed,, is not working for me this morning, so I don't know if this company is still in business or not. I did, however, find London Cuppa tea listed on some British tea seller sites. But go easy on the amounts; I used a scant four teaspoons in my 6-cup Mrs. Tea tea maker, and it was still quite strong and required a bit of cream. If any of you have tried this tea, I'd love to hear what you thought of it!


  1. How funny that your post today is about London Cuppa tea. I have been thinking about it a lot recently, since I have not been able to find any at my usual source, Marshalls. I miss its robust flavour (taken with milk) and pick me up. I use the London Cuppa teabags as my everyday tea.

    My hubby just brought me back some PG Tips (England's #1 tea) and some Barry's (Irish) tea from his recent trip to Canada. I enjoy these also. I do hope that London Cuppa is still in business.

  2. That is a beautiful cup and saucer. I too, have fond memories of drinking robust tea in England but don't recall drinking the London Cuppa.

  3. Fun photos! I like the artistic flair!

  4. It looks to me like a CTC black tea. They're the most popular kind in India and are used in any chai wallah's (tea vendor's) masala chai. Assam makes the strongest-flavored ones and the most of it, so my bet is that's where it's from. Hope that helps!


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