Thursday, January 3, 2008

On Tea & Presidents

Our process of choosing a new president begins today, and I am more excited than a Georgia voter ought to be over the Iowa caucuses! Anyone from Iowa reading this blog? If so, please check in and let us know if you'll be voting tonight. Since I can't vote, I'll be watching cable news shows and reading, finally, a book I bought last summer, "Tea with Presidential Families" by Beulah Munshower Sommer and Pearl Dexter.

It turns out that tea has played a large role in all the presidential families that have been in the White House. Tea sets are a favorite gift of visiting dignitaries, and the formal tea has been a favorite way for First Ladies to entertain. (Forgive me, but I just had a humorous image of Bill Clinton pouring tea at the White House if his wife is elected president! Somehow, I don't think he would mind.)

The many wonderful photos in the book depict items including a teacup that belonged to George Washington, middle photo, and the Gorham silver service given to Mary Todd Lincoln, above. To order a copy of the book for yourself, visit

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