Monday, December 31, 2007

Final tea party antiquing for the year

Over the weekend, my husband and I were in Augusta for the wedding of our friend Bo and his beautiful bride Emily. The ceremony was held in a former Catholic church that is now the Sacred Heart Cultural Center, and it was fun to see such a lovely wedding in such a unique venue. My DH knows that when we are out of town, I like to check out the antique stores and boutiques there, and happily I came home with several goodies from Augusta. My "tea goodies" from one store included two vintage purses (a faded pink suede model and a cute little ivory clutch with an attached coin purse). When my nieces visited for Christmas, I realized I didn't have enough "dress up" purses for playtime, so I'm determined they'll be back for tea and have a larger stash of tea party clothes and purses to choose from.

And in a booth with lots of kitchen items, I was going through the glass swizzle sticks (used at tea parties for stirring iced tea) and came across three green and white glass candy canes. Adorable! Already I can see a Christmas tea next year using pale green and frosty white as the color scheme. And last but not least, a vintage tea ball with a little wooden knob pull. I'm always intrigued at the pricing of these things. This store priced their newer ones (just like you can find at most grocery stores today) in the $6-$10 range, but this vintage one (a nice, 2-3/4 inches tall) was just $3. Go figure! (And I can't wait to see what goodies await in 2008!)

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  1. What fun to see the goodies you found at antiques shops. We are headed off to Atlanta this afternoon to ring in the new year and I hope to do a little shopping while there. Happy New Year to you!


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