Thursday, October 11, 2007

Some good deals at Goodwill

In my estimation, it's a sin to pass up a decent teacup and saucer set priced $2 or under. Here's my theory: One day I plan to open a tearoom, right? (Right.) I will need dozens of teacups in which to serve my customers their tea, right? (Right.) So I need to stock up now instead of waiting 'til I HAVE to have the teacups, and it just makes sense to do some shopping when the price is right, right? (Right!)

To be perfectly honest with you, I have different standards when it comes to shopping for teacups. If the teacup is incredibly beautiful (pink, roses, very dreamy) and I've never seen one like it before, it's probably going home with me if my pocketbook permits. If the teacup is the perfect gift for someone else, I'll cough up the price, too. But if it's just an average-ly pretty teacup, like this one, it's all about the price. And $2-$3 is my top price, so this $2 find qualified. The low price makes it prettier, don't you think? Mayfair, bone china, Made in England ... Perfectly acceptable.

On another note, check out these two little wicker cup holders fitted with glass inserts. Sort of a variation on a Russian tea glass, and how perfect for sipping those apple-flavored fall teas! ($1 each, thank you Goodwill.) So that's my report. What sort of thrifting deals are there where you live, dear reader?

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  1. Those wicker tea cups seem so British colonial to me. What an interesting thrift find!


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