Friday, September 7, 2007

Making (and keeping) a Tea Journal

The other night when I made the tea journal for the giveaway, I made a new one for myself as well. I used stamps from the Mad Tea Party line by Catherine Moore (see for the full line). The set I chose appealed to me because it had the whimsical teapot-headed lady as well as some letters spelling "TEA," a tea kettle, a spoon and a few more designs.

Because I am a sometime scrapbooker, I had plenty of pretty papers from which to choose. I tend to favor papers featuring vintage handwriting and postage stamps (gives the look of old letters) and the pretty floral designs of Anna Griffin. Once I glued my papers and stamped designs on the cover, I inked the edges of the mini-notebook. I like giving the edges a bit of a vintage, distressed look. I thought these little journals turned out so well, I bought two more of the mini-composition books and may make more tea journals for friends.

My new tea journal is already tucked into my purse, where I can pull it out at any time. I've already used it to list some ideas for future blog posts. As with my old tea journal, I will use this one to list such things as teas I've tried and wish to try, tea books I own (so I won't buy a duplicate by mistake), notes about tea rooms I've visited (you can sketch a tea room's presentation that you really like), and more. If you haven't tried keeping a journal devoted entirely to documenting your own tea experiences, I highly recommend it!


  1. I started my tea journal at the beginning of this year when I had a longing for this 'gingery' tea that I had used up long ago but I couldn't remember the name of it. I have now learned to write down the date, the tea that I buy, where I bought it, what is in it, and how much I love, or very rarely, God forbid, loathe it. I also have a spot in the back where I list the tea rooms that I've visited and my experiences there. The journal is very foo-foo, a gift from a friend, and it smells deliciously like tea because I keep it in my tea cabinet! Tea journaling is a lovely pastime.

  2. What a great idea. I will definately do this. Thanks!


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