Monday, July 16, 2007

My Latest Tea Infuser Gadget

Like a lot of tea drinkers, I'll bet, I am on a quest for the perfect tea infuser. I really prefer to drink loose leaf tea whenever possible, and I don't like to have any stray bits of leaf floating around in my cup. So far I've found that only a very fine mesh strainer and those paper T-sacs work perfectly, and still I get hoodwinked into trying the occasional new infuser gadget. And so it was that I was lured by the cute packaging for Tazo Tea's Mambo herbal infusion, "A lush, red, tropical fruit infusion made from whole hibiscus flowers," which has a metal tea infuser built into the cap.

Once I popped off the cap and infuser cup, I was suspicious. Those large holes? These tiny little particles in the herbal tea? Hmmm ...

But always willing to give something new a try, I spooned some loose tea into the cup and waited for the water to boil so I could steep my tea. Soon, the five minutes was up. And the result?

Well, I can't say I was terribly disappointed because I was skeptical the thing would work anyway. The bad news is, I had to strain the tea through a "real" infuser, which wasted my time. (Work on that, Tazo folks, would you?) The good news is, the tea tasted pretty good, and since it's caffeine free that will come in handy for bedtime drinking. The REALLY good news, though, is that since I had to strain the tea into a new cup, I got to use the most adorable teacup I've seen in many moons. I'll share it tomorrow, Lord willing!

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  1. I am unable to locate these kits online anyplace, and Tazo won't sell me one direct, even though they claim they still make them.

    Interested in parting with the infuser kit? I'd be willing to buy it, as mine has fallen apart from use (the metal "ears" that hold the top of the cup are broken).

    If you'd be willing to part with the kit (sans the tea, you can hang onto that, if you want), please e-mail me at




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